Stash Buster Scarf


Personalize this unique and eye-catching accessory by working the colors you like best in the order you prefer. While our sample was knit as a scarf, you can increase the width to any measurement you choose simply by continuing in pattern.

Approximately 10 meters (11 yards) of yarn is needed to complete one row approximately 220 cm (90″ wide). 40 10-m/11-yd lengths were used to knit this 15 cm (6″) x 220 cm (90″) scarf – 80 lengths would be needed to knit a stole 31 cm (12″) x 220cm (90″), and 300 lengths would make an afghan 114 cm (45″) x 220 cm (90″­).

  • Experience Level: Beginner
  • Size: Approximately 96″ x 6″ after blocking.
  • Materials: Approximately 40-50 10-meter (11-yard lengths) in coordinating colors of your choice.  In the sample scarf we used yarn with recommended gauges from fine to bulky, maintaining a consistent gauge overall of 11 sts to 10 cm (4″).  This gauge produces a soft and slightly open fabric governed by needle size, rather than yarn gauge and weight, allowing you to use yarn of varying thicknesses and still produce one gauge over the entire fabric.